Welcome to Panhandle Maps

Thank you for visiting Panhandle Maps. This website was designed to assist the citizens and officials of the Texas Panhandle. Panhandle Maps was created by the Panhandle Regional 9-1-1 Network, a department of the Panhandle Regional Planning Commission in Amarillo, Texas.

Since its inception in the Texas Panhandle, the 9-1-1 Network's Geographic Information Systems Department has been working to ensure the highest possible data quality to assist first responders during emergencies. The 9-1-1 Network works with local officials to maintain a GIS database with over 90 thousand 9-1-1 address points and 30 thousand road segments. Our goal is 100% location accuracy when a 9-1-1 telephone call is made.

On Panhandle Maps, users can verify addresses on our mapviewer, print or download pdfs, and access up to date GIS data of the Texas Panhandle's rural counties. Enjoy exploring the Texas Panhandle.